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European TV online, free broadcasting, Euro countries Romania - United Kingdom.


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Romania Antena 1 video podcasts - news, sport, weather
1 commercial TV network.

Romania Antena 3  watch live Business, politic, news
high tech, culture, sport.

Romania TVR +  video podcasts - Journal, music, films
International TV channels.

Russia  RT News  watch live - any languages
Russia Today & World.

Russia Vesti 24  video podcasts - Russian News, World
tv and video online.

Russia RTR Planeta video podcasts - news bulletins, arts
national projects and culture.

Russia Channel 1  watch live - news, music, shows, films 
First Russian TV channel.

Russia RBC TV  watch live - business news 24 / 365 
Portal in any languages.

Russia Prosveshenie watch live - Educational National
television online.

Russia  TV Soyuz   watch live  - Russian Orthodoxy music,
video clips.

Russia-US TBN Russian watch live - Protestant Christian television
Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Russia Music Box watch live - Russian, European
and world music.

Russia Shanson TV watch live - Popular songs of streets
and music of restaurants.

Serbia  B 92   video podcasts  - News headlines
TV Radio channels.

Serbia  R T S   watch live - National TV Radio channels,
news, films, life.

Slovakia  TA3   watch live - news, politic, business 
television online.

Slovakia Bratislava watch live Slovakian local
news portal, Bratislava.

Spain R TV E News watch live - world Journal,
Global TV and Radio portal.

Spain CRT Galicia watch live - Regional television online
  Galician internet portal.

Spain  Barcelona   watch live - Local culture and
news television.

Spain Inter Economia watch live - Business format, 
politic and news.

Spain  Madrid   watch live - News, culture, economic,
and more life.

Spain  UP TV   video podcasts - Educational, Polytechnic University,
Valencia in any languages.

Spain  EITB Sat  watch live - Basque public television,
Satellite on internet.

Sweden   TV 4   video podcasts - Regional television online,
news, culture, films.

Sweden  Kanal 10   watch live - Christian television,
discuss, music.

Switzerland RTS TV video podcasts - Information channels,
sport, culture, music.

Switzerland Leman Bleu video podcasts - Local news
and life in Geneva.

Switzerland Basel TV watch live - Regional news and
life in Basel.

Switzerland SRF TV video podcasts TV and Video portal
Schweizer Fernsehen.

Switzerland  TVM 3  watch live  - World Popular songs
Swiss Chart.

Ukraine 1 Channel  video podcasts - The First national
Ukrainian television.

U.K.   BBC News   video podcasts  - any languages
British Broadcasting Corporation.

U.K.  C & C   watch live - Show Products online,
Create & Craft.

U.K.  Revelation watch live - Christians TV
Church without walls.

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Many Euro countries organized free broadcasting TV on internet, show or films, educational and  music, interactive European TV online, wish good luck!
  Wild Life, Documentaries birds, animals, plants. World Service TV online. Can to see TV from Romania, Russia, Serbia or Slovakia and Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine, United Kingdom online.